Christmas Gifts for Kayakers

Kayakers can be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for. As a lot of the kit can be quite expensive and if your not a kayaker, you might not know your pogies from your booties. So here are 5 not so obvious Christmas gift ideas for the kayaker(s) in your life.

1. Seal Saver

This helps look after the rubber seals on their dry cags and suits. The liquid helps maintain the reflexibility of the rubber and prolong the life of the seals. Whiles also making it easier to get on and off. £8-10

2. Zipper Lubricant

Helps to stop zippers corroding and jamming. I like this brand as the inbuilt brush makes it easy to apply and get into all the teeth of the zip effectively. £5-15 depending on supplier/brand.

3. Titanium Spork

Very handy all in one food shovelings tool for a hungry kayaker. I would recommend going for the titanium version over the cheaper plastic. Link here. As the plastic one’s do have a tendency to snap over time. £12-24 depending on supplier and brand.

4. Waterproof Torch

With those dark winter nights a tough waterproof torch can be a life saver. I’ve been using this simple and bright torch for years. Link here. But there are of course other models and brands of dive torch out there. £25.99 or more.

5. Kayak Coaching/Training

If your not into giving things, but more experiences. Why not book some quality coaching or skills training. You could give them a training session to help crack that elusive roll or team them up with a guide to take them on a adventurous paddle. Just get in touch with your requirements. £40 or more.

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