2023 Big Tides Weeks

Intermediate to Advanced Sea Kayakers

20th to 24th March (HW 11.9m, LW 0.4m on 23rd)
17th to 21st April (HW 11.4m, LW 0.8m on 20th)
15th to 19th May (HW 10.7m, LW 1.6m on 20th)

Come and explore the great paddling opportunities in and around Jersey. With tidal ranges from 9.1m to 11.5m over these weeks. You’ll have a chance to play in tidal races around the island and hone your navigational skills and trip planning. Weather/swell permitting there is also opportunities for exploring caves and offshore reefs. This is a perfect area to build your day trip log book if your working toward the British Canoeing (Adv) Sea Kayak Leader award. Also Coastal Sea Kayak award assessment can be built into this week. These spring tides are also a ideal time for a circumnavigation of the island with tidal assistance.

To Book a place e-mail: info@kayak-nomad.com

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