Why Paddle in Jersey?

Question: What makes Jersey such a perfect paddle destination? Answer: Its got a wide variety of water and sea conditions packed in a small space, with the ability’s to paddle somewhere during most wind directions. Its has the 3rd highest tidal range in the world. With loads of beautiful cliffs, bays, caves and beaches to…

Buy Experiences, not things!

Less things, more fun! Getting outside, explore more, try some thing new, do more. Research has shown that through sharing experiences that we bond with others more easily. We derive more long-term satisfaction from experiences, and can link experiences to our identity in a more meaningful way. So why not get out and try something…

5 tips for Paddling More in winter

New years resolution #Paddle More That might seem obvious, but with cold water and limited daylight hours, this is going to come from an angle of driving motivation and being accountable. I’m sure we all say, I’ll get out and paddle more this year and I’m sure all the good intentions are there. But like…

About Me

Hi, I’m David and I own/run Kayak Nomad. I have paddled for 20+ years and love to sea and surf kayak.

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