Paddle Pick Ups

Help the marine environment while having fun kayaking.

Collect marine rubbish and debris while kayaking.

Paddle pick ups are the perfect way to combine a fun team building day out while helping the environment. Activates like this help many businesses meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals by doing good for the environment and communities around them.

How do Paddle Pick Ups work?

We use sit on top kayaks to reach beaches and remote coves where the general public can’t access on foot. Then collect all the marine rubbish and debris we can carry. Bringing it back to our launch location for recycling and/or environmentally safe disposal.

I’m sure you have all seen the heart breaking images of marine life trapped in discarded fishing gear or terrible injures animals have suffered from getting entangled in human rubbish. These Paddle Pickups are a great way to help stop that happening and a way to access areas other groups of people can’t get to.

Get in contact to arrange your groups positive impact day on the water :

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