Privacy Policy

Collecting specific, relevant personal information is a necessary part of us being able to provide you with the best service we can as our customer and managing our relationship with you.

We promise to meet internationally recognized standards for protecting privacy by fully complying with the requirements of Jersey’s Data Protection Laws.

When we hold or use your personal information as a data controller we will provide you with a privacy notice (this document). This sets out in detail what information we hold about you, such as contact details and address. It will also show how your personal information may be used, the reasons for these uses, and your rights.

Data Controllers and Processors

In most cases Kayak Nomad will be the data controller and the data processor. Its important you understand the difference and how this affects your rights and our obligations regarding the data we hold on you. For clarity we comply with the definition as given by the Jersey Data Commission given here.

Data will only me given to third party data processors where it is direct relation to providing you services you have agreed for us to provide or arrange for you and for your immediate safety. Ie café’s for sandwich orders, or emergency services.

How We Use Your Information

Kayak Nomad will use the information we have asked you to give in direct relation to providing you the best service we can. Below is described what information we will ask for and what we intend to use it for.

  • Personal contact details that allow us to contact you directly such as name, email addresses, postcode and country of residence
  • Telephone numbers so we can inform you of the meeting point or, in the case of bad weather/cancellations
  • An emergency contact name and phone number in case of an accident
  • Age, clothing size, and your height so we have the correct equipment for you to use
  • Health or medical matters that you think we should be aware of. This is for your and others in the group safety.
  • Records of your interactions with us such as telephone conversations, emails and other correspondence and your instructions to us
  • Records of your attendance and no show information
  • Images in video and/or photographic form -usually photos/video of the activity and voice recordings such as voicemail
  • Your marketing preferences so that we know whether and how we should contact you regarding future offers or services.
  • National Governing Body (NGB) membership, address, date of birth and specific information required by the awarding body e.g. when attending British Canoeing courses where a certificate is issued
  • Records and assessment of any grading, outcomes or ratings, competition results, details regarding courses attended and performance e.g. if you are attending one of our British Canoeing training or assessment courses.
  • Your Covid status, in relation to keeping you and our groups safe from Covid and to make sure we can comply with government Covid advice and rules in place at the time of providing our services to you. This could include vaccination status, recent infections/recoveries and recent test results.  

Sharing Your Information

Data will only be given to third parties where it is direct relation to providing you services you have agreed for us to provide or arrange on your behalf and for your immediate safety.  These include:

  • Café’s and food providers for provision of day trip lunches
  • British Canoeing in relation to accrediting courses and providing certificates.
  • Transport providers, taxi’s, mini buses, speed boat operators, ferries operators.
  • Accommodation providers such as Jersey Heritage, campsites or hotels.
  • Emergency services, such as ambulance personnel, doctors, nurses, life boat crew.

Retaining Your Information

In all circumstance Kayak Nomad aims to retain your information in a secure manner. Either in locked vehicles, secured computers/phones or encrypted online services. Such as payment and website providers.

Personal data in relation to providing general tours and trips will only be kept for 2 years after which it is deleted or destroyed.

Other data such as course and assessment out comes and training records will be kept for up to 10 years.

If you have given us permission to use your e-mail to contact you with offers/promotions and trip updates. Then these will be kept in use until you unsubscribe or until the e-mail becomes inactive or blocked.

Any information relating to a claim against our insurance or in relation to a medical emergency, accident or incident involving emergency services. Will be retained for 10 years from the time of the event.

At the end of all data retention periods digital data will be deleted and physical records shredded and then disposed of.   

Your Rights

Essentially you have a right to see any information we hold on you. However we are obliged to comply with any legal or regulatory reasons for holding onto that data. Kayak Nomad aims to comply with your personal data rights as defined by the Jersey Data Commission as defined here.

Kayak Nomad takes no responsibility for internet links provided to third party sites and information you might choose to give these third parties. These link are provided to you in good faith and with the best of intentions.  

Security, Cookies, and Log Files

For payments we will provide you with our bank details for direct payment or provide you with a secure method of payment such as Paypal, Revolut, SumUp.

We never hold or retain your card or bank details.

We will only ask you for your bank information in relation to providing you with a refund and once processed, these will be deleted.

We don’t use Cookies to track your activity on our website.

We do however use third party providers such as Google analytics and WordPress analytics to track anonymous website traffic statistics such as website visitor numbers and popular pages viewed and country of origin.

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